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Judy Kennedy

Judy Kennedy aka waywardmuse

Arizona Sonoran Desert Landscapes, Skyscapes, and Wildlife


Judy Kennedy (a wayward muse) is a Mystic and a Visual Media Artist specializing in the natural beauty of the Arizona Sonoran Desert. The Sonoran Desert is the United States' most ecologically diverse desert, and Judy's artistic imagery can be experienced all over the web. Her YouTube channel alone has well over 1000 subscribers. Judy is also a versatile writer of creative nonfiction and a composer of music which can be heard in many of her videos.

Judy's YouTube Channel: waywardmuse - Sonoran Desert Wildlife & More
Judy on Vimeo: Sonoran Desert Wildlife in its natural setting
@JudyWaywardmuse - Twitter page

Judy's Other Websites:
Dances with Cloud Kachina
The Wizard of Oz Mysteries

Please note: Judy's muse is wayward - meaning it is neither professional nor amateur, but born of a greater purpose: freedom of expression for the benefit of one and all. It is first and foremost free -- not constrained by artificial standards, rules, or protocol, but adheres to a higher principle because there is no greater truth than the integrity of one's own experience. It is not static but continues to evolve like the human soul. It must be transformative, and at its center is the Heart - the Life and the Way. Thank you for visiting and happy trails!


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